Below are Forms, Applications and Information Sheets separated into three sections for downloading.  Click on the headings for each list:

APPLICATION STAGE – information and forms required to assist in the application process prior to a grant being approved by the Australian Government.

APPROVED PROJECT – information and forms required to process tenders, claim grants and meet accountability requirements.

MASTER PLAN – information and forms regarding applying for a Master Plan Grant.

Click on the required form or information sheet below to download for your use.

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APPLICATION STAGE – Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4


Go to MAKE AN APPLICATION to download the CGP Application Form.  There are 4 Stages to the application of which the same workbook is used.

Information Sheets

Help Notes for completing the application

Area and Cost Guidelines – these are updated annually.

Designated Use Period – This guideline details the formula that calculates the Right of Repayment Amount to the Commonwealth if a funded facility is demolished and/or unused and/or sold.  Schools should use this to calculate approximate Contingent Liability amounts.

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APPROVED PROJECT – Projects that have been approved and are beginning or are in the construction/refurbishment stage. 


Results of Tender

Notification of Contract Signing or Project Management

Progressive Expenditure Statement – for Capital Grant Projects

Architects/Supervisors Certificate

Accountants Certificate

Information Sheets

Australian Government Recognition Requirements and Opening Ceremony Information

Project Management Checklist

Successful Grant Checklist

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MASTER PLAN – Application form and claim forms associated with a Master Plan grant.


Master Plan Application


Accountants Certificate

Master Plan Expenditure Statement – for Master Plan Projects

Information Sheets

BGA Guidelines Master Plan Grants

A Guide to School Master Plans

Mandatory Master Plans