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A formal application providing project details, enrolments, cost at standard costs, Educational Need, conformity with area guidelines and a forecast of Financial Need.

Closing date is Tuesday 4 February 2020

To DOWNLOAD documents for completion click on the links below:

Stage 2.1 Initial Application – Word
Stage 2.2 Initial Application – Excel

Please read the instructions below before completing and submitting your application.

Please SAVE THE DOCUMENTS TO YOUR COMPUTER, complete and then UPLOAD via the link below.


Step 1 - Instructions for Applicants
There are four parts to this year’s application documentation which can be downloaded here for completion.   Stage 2.1 and 2.2 can be uploaded above from the link on this page.

  1. Stage 2.1 Initial Application – Word
  2. Stage 2.2 Initial Application – Excel
  3. Site Diagram
  4. Sketch Plans

Please ensure that each of these steps listed here are followed to properly complete your application.

Step 2 - Completing your application

Information about the grants program

Capital Grants Program (CGP) Guidelines 2019“.  This publication is issued to Schools by the Department of Education and Training.  It outlines the Capital Grants Program’s scope, objectives and priorities.

Schools are encouraged to contact the BGA to discuss any proposed application prior to submission.

Complete Stage 2.1 Initial Application 

This document can be opened as a Word document and completed on screen by inserting your cursor and entering information in the blank spaces provided.

Complete Stage 2.2 Initial Application

This is an Excel file which consists of a number of spreadsheets for collecting information about: enrolments, existing facilities, the proposed project, project financing and your financial forecast.

The spreadsheets have been designed to make it easy to enter information.  They also perform many of the calculations automatically.

The tabs “Capex Budget – detail” and  “Financial Forecast” are new to Stage 2.

Site Diagram

Please PDF and submit a diagram of the School site showing all existing and proposed facilities preferably A3 size. Please label rooms and show square metre areas.

Ideally this should be a copy of the master plan for the School’s facilities.

Please shade and code the diagram to show current, projected and other planned future facilities. 

Sketch Plans

Please PDF and submit sketch plans that give a good idea of the design of the project.  Where possible include plans and external perspectives with dimensions.

Submit Application

UPLOAD the four relevant documents via the link below.

  • Stage 2.1 Initial Application – must be in PDF or Word format.
  • Stage 2.2 Initial Application – must be uploaded in EXCEL format only.
  • Site Diagram – must be in PDF, A3 size preferably
  • Sketch Plans – must be in PDF
Step 3 - Special Notes

Costs of Applications

The “Total project Cost” has been redefined to include the Application Costs i.e. the costs of preparing a BGA Application (architects, accountants, master planners etc). Your Application Costs are borne by the school regardless of the success of the application.

Retrospective assistance

Applications for retrospective assistance cannot be considered.  An application is considered to be retrospective if a School enters a commitment (eg signs a contract) prior to receiving formal Ministerial approval of a grant.  This occurs in late November/early December prior to the Grant Year.

Late Applications

Late applications cannot be accepted

Engaging an architect

While not mandatory, using expert advice for design and costing at this early stage is strongly encouraged. Preliminary design should consider all options and requirements.  Inaccurate costing can lead to later financial problems.  In particular,

  • a description of the project and realistic costings are required at the initial application stage, and
  • an A3 size site plan with all areas of facilities marked is also required. The current, proposed and projected facilities must be shade coded on the sketch.

Cost Guidelines

CLICK HERE for details of costs for functional areas.  If estimates of costs for your project exceed BGA standard costs, please add an explanation.

Planned Schools or parts of existing Schools not in receipt of Australian Government funding

Planned School or parts of existing Schools not yet in receipt of Australian Government recurrent funding must:

  • provide a statutory declaration that the School is, or will be a not-for-profit organisation in terms of the CGP Guidelines 2019, and
  • provide written evidence from the Education and Early Childhood Services Registration & Standards Board of South Australia that the School has registration, or “good prospects” of being registered for the site and levels of education relevant to the proposed project.
Step 4 - Area Guidelines
Size Chosen and Total Area
This is in regard to Stage 2.2 “Existing Facilities” and “Proposed Project”.  Sizes are measured as net floor areas, ie areas are measured from the inside face of the interior walls. Figures should be expressed in whole square metres. In the case of extensions, “size chosen” is the area of the additional space. For conversions and refurbishments, “size chosen” is the total area of the facility being converted or refurbished.

Cost m2 and Total Cost
Costs should be expressed to the nearest $100. The cost of built-in equipment and built-in furniture  should be included in the Associated Costs section of the Proposed Project tab in Stage 2.2 Initial Application.

Area Guideline 
The BGA has established area guideline for Schools. A School’s area per student is measured before and after a proposed project is constructed to allow for enrolment increases.  In general, Schools will need to explain why they will exceed the Area Guidelines after the proposed project is completed.  The current Area Guidelines are 7.5 m2 per primary student (Years R-6) or 12.0 m2 per secondary student (Years 7-12).

Step 5 -Checklist
CLICK HERE to download a checklist to ensure that all requirements have been met.

To download a copy of the above instructions CLICK HERE.

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