To complete the survey you will need to know basic details about your Building the Education Revolution grants.

For example: Did you receive a grant, was it over $75,000, what was it for and is it being used for the purpose originally approved.

If you have any questions regarding the detail required please do not hesitate to contact Jane Pike EMAIL


Building the Education Revolution Survey

Review of BER Program

Please answer the following questions regarding projects that received grants under the following BER programs and their current use:

  • Primary Schools in the 21st Century (P21)
  • National School Pride (NSP)
  • Science and Language Centres (SLC)


Thank you.

Did your school receive a grant(s) under the BER programs as shown above.
Were any of the grants for an individual project from the above programs over $75,000?
Are the facilities which were funded by the Commonwealth still being used for the purpose that they were originally approved for?
Where a change has occurred the BGA file will be noted to reflect details of the change. This will assist with any future enquires from the Commonwealth.