Area and Cost Guidelines as at January 2021

 Functional Area IDFunctional AreaCurrent Cost
m2 $
Functional Area Description
2ADMINAdministration / Staff2,480Includes Principal's and Assistant Principal's offices, business and clerical offices, reception I waiting area, interview room, store and work rooms, utility /print room, staff lounge and kitchen, staff lockers, sick bay I clinic, general bulk Store, cleaners store, and any other administration support rooms. Includes associated joinery. Teacher work rooms and offices are included in each specialist area.
3ART-PRIArt Primary2,425Includes Learning Space/art room, wet area, storage areas and associated joinery
4ART-SECArt / Design / Graphics / Textiles2,425Includes Learning Spaces, Learning Studios, Photograph Studio, computer areas, wet areas, storage areas, offices, display areas and associate joinery
5ART-INDIndustrial Arts / Wood / Metal / Plastics2,425Includes workshop areas, computer spaces, computer aided design, machine bays, spraying bays, wash areas, project areas, storage and offices and associated joinery
6COLACovered Outside Learning Area - not enclosed (COLA)965Includes large free standing under cover student spaces, large enough for outdoor learning and or sporting activity.
7GLAGLA for PRI & SEC2,255Includes General Learning Areas, classroom space and associated joinery. Includes learning areas for students with special needs.
8GLA-LEARNGLA for Learning Common for PRI & SEC2,200Includes Common Learning Spaces, spaces in addition to the General Learning Areas, wet points, withdrawal areas, quiet areas, storage areas, teacher work areas/offices and associated joinery
9GLA-MULTIGLA for Multipurpose Learning Areas for PRI & SEC2,425Includes Learning Studios, practical areas with wet points and services for multipurpose project work, art, technology, low level sciences etc. Includes storage areas, offices and associated joinery
10COMP ITComputer Lab / Business Studies / IT Room2,425Includes Computer Studies and Business Studies, storage rooms and offices and associated joinery. IT HUB includes central Server Room and associated IT workspace and any IT help desk functions.
11HOME ECHome Economics2,540Includes Student Learning Area, demonstration area, hospitality practical areas, pantry, laundry, dry store, cool room, offices and associated joinery
12LIBRARYLibrary /Resource Centre PRI & SEC2,200Includes the main reading area, display areas, IT areas, individual and group study areas, work rooms, storage rooms, offices and associated joinery
13MUSIC-MEDIAMusic / Drama / Media / Dance2,425Includes performing spaces, practice rooms, band rooms, dance studios, recording studios, sound booths, media rooms, storage rooms, offices and associated joinery
14PHYS ED-PRIMulti Purpose Hall Primary1,975Includes hall/court space, equipment stores, storage areas, change rooms, foyer, offices, mezzanine areas and viewing areas and associated joinery
15PHYS ED-SECMulti Purpose Hall Secondary2,220Includes hall/court space, Learning Areas, equipment stores, storage areas, change rooms, foyer, offices, mezzanine areas and viewing areas and associated joinery
16PLANTPlantrooms2,695Includes plant rooms associated with lifts, air conditioning etc, switchboard and equipment rooms
17SCIENCEScience Labs / Assoc Area2,765Includes laboratory spaces, project/research labs, experiment labs, storage areas, preparation rooms, chemical stores , offices and associated joinery
18STUD-AMENStudent Amenities3,945Includes disabled toilets, toilets, urinals, basins/wash areas, showers and associated joinery
19STAFF-AMENStaff Amenities3,375Includes disabled toilets, showers, toilets, urinals, basins/wash areas and associated joinery
20TRAV-ENCStairwells / Corridors2,875Includes pedestrian travel enclosed, stairwells, corridors, hallways and other enclosed circulation areas
21TRAV-UNENCVerandah / Balcony / Outdoor Learning Spaces630Includes verandah 's, balconies and student outdoor learning spaces that are attached to the building
22TRAV-COVERCovered Walkways (not enclosed)910Includes covered pedestrian walkways between buildings or to allow for disabled access (not enclosed)
23CANTEENCanteen / Tuckshop2,200Includes the kitchen and preparation area, servery area, storage areas cool rooms and associated joinery