Stage 3 Financial Documentation

Using the EXCEL WORKBOOK titled “Stage 4 2024 School Name”  that has been sent to the school, please complete the Stage 3 Worksheets as required in the email (copy below).  This is an opportunity to update previous information supplied to the BGA and supplements your school’s Financial Forecast provided in Stage 2 which is used to help the Committee rank the applicant schools at its May meeting and determine indicative grant allocations.

The due date is Thursday 13 April 2023.

Once completed UPLOAD the workbook and the Financial Statements via the link below.

If an updated QS or quotation has been obtained since Stage 2 please upload a copy with the Workbook and Financial Statements.   It is highly recommended that a QS or quotation has been obtained when completing Stage 3 however it is mandatory to obtain a QS at Stage. 


Instructions as per EMAIL sent. 

The brief Instructions for Stage 3 are below and please refer to the HELP NOTES if needed:

Stage 3.1 Project & Financial Information

Section A) update the description, if necessary, by using Stage 1.2.   If you have made changes to your original design please ensure that the description reflects the proposed project. 

Section B) answer the questions as asked and then update the Capex Budget Stage 2.8 and the Financial Information Stage 2.9 as appropriate.

Section C) update the project costs by using Stage 2.5 Std & Stage 2.5 QS if required.  These costings should be based on your most recent QS or quotation from builders/architects. An updated QS will be mandatory for Stage 4.

Section D) Detail how the school expects to fund the project.  This section is self-explanatory.

Section E) Financial Planning.  This section is self-explanatory.

Stage 3.2 Debt profile **

Please complete each section as required.

Stage 3.3 Debt details **

This requires information about your Debt at the end of 2022 and expected loans from 2023 onwards.

Stage 3.4 Other balance sheet details **

Please complete each section as required.

Stage 3.5 Enrolment and summary ratios includes update of Stage 2.2

The majority of this worksheet will be prefilled however please remember to UPDATE your enrolments via Stage 2.2 via the link.


** Please note:  Ideally, your 2022 data will come from your audited Financial Statements, but draft Financial Statements are acceptable at this stage.



  1. A copy of the 2022 Financial Statements used in your Returns, Final or Draft, must be uploaded with the Stage 3 workbook
  2. If you don’t have signed and audited Financial Statements yet, please send a Draft in the first instance and then the audited statements as soon as they are available.
  3. If an updated QS or Quotation since Stage 2 has been obtained, this must be uploaded with Stage 3 also.

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