Stage 4 Final Project Documentation and Plans

If your school is offered an indicative grant, Stage 4 requires final plans and costings and an updated Financial Forecast.

DOWNLOAD documents for completion and submission by Thursday 8 July 2021 click on the links below:

Action Required by School – Please read this as it includes a checklist of required documentation.

4.1 Final Project Description and Costs

4.2 Checklist and Declaration

Guidelines for preparing final plans and costings:

The development of final sketch plans by your architect.  These may entail:

  • on site inspection and measurement,
  • location and examination of services,
  • determination of the suitability of the site (including soil/rock type),
  • development and consideration of more detailed design solutions and construction methods.  This will involve the preparation of sketches and, in some circumstances, models for your consideration.  Specialist consultants may need to be engaged to investigate problems, and
  • a revised Quantity Survey to ensure accurate costing.

Items produced in support of your application should include the following.

  1. Scale drawings (1:100 minimum) showing
    ~ floor plans
    ~ major cross sections identifying structure and materials
    ~ elevations indicating the design features of the project and its relationship to adjacent buildings.
  2. Site plan (suggested scale 1:500) showing existing buildings, the location of the proposed building(s), other works,  and the general ground slope.
  3. If your final Total Project Cost varies by 10% or more from the Total Project Cost in your Stage 2 Initial Application, you must explain the variations in Stage 4.1 at the Proposed Project tab.

Please UPLOAD the following documents using the link below:

  • Stage 4.1 Final Project Dsescription and Costs (in Excel format)
  • QS summary pages – if applicable
  • Stage 4.2 Checklist and Declaration (in PDF format)
  • Final Sketch Plans (in PDF format)
  • Architect’s assurance of compliance with legislation
  • Audited Financial Statements for last financial year (if not previously supplied with Stage 3)


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